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Purchasing an Assessment Tool

1. Preview the sample materials and select a tool for your agency

  • NCFAS-G+R (General Services and Reunification)
  • NCFAS-G (General Services)
  • T/WB (Trauma and Post-Trauma Well-Being)

Please note that NFPN does not offer the complete tools or training packages for preview purposes.

2. Determine how many workers in your agency will be using the tool(s)

Cost is based on the number of workers. If you are planning large-scale use with over 100 workers, contact NFPN (director@nfpn.org or 888-498-9047).

3. Complete the Assessment Tool Price Quote Form.

After submitting the form, you will receive a price quote by e-mail, usually within minutes. Online price quotes are generated automatically and may not include discounts or promotional items. Your price is not final until your order is placed and you are invoiced.

4. Reply to the price quote e-mail when you are ready to purchase.

NFPN will then send you an invoice by e-mail. Payment is due within 15 days of being invoiced. Payment methods include Visa or MasterCard (processed online by a secure server), check, or money order. Wire transfers are also accepted for an additional fee.

Refund Policy

All invoiced sales are final. No refunds.

Delivery Options

In order to cut costs and save our customers money, NFPN is offering paperless delivery. Following your online payment by credit card, you can automatically download all of the materials. You’ll have everything you need within minutes.

If your agency prefers to pay by check, a link to access the materials online will be e-mailed to you following receipt of payment.

Your agency’s license and agreement to limit distribution of copyright materials will be e-mailed to you after payment is received.

Outside the USA

Online credit card payment will ensure that you get the most accurate currency exchange rate. It eliminates all risk of your check being misdirected or lost in the mail. NFPN’s online credit card transactions are fast, secure, and the preferred method of payment for all international orders.

Ready to get started?

Complete the Assessment Tool Price Quote Form.


Please contact NFPN if you:

  • are uncertain which tool is right for your agency.
  • have questions about the tools, pricing, or purchasing.
  • are planning large-scale use with over 100 workers.

NFPN contact info:

Michelle Reines, NFPN Executive Director
E-mail: director@nfpn.org
Phone: 888-498-9047