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Basic Fatherhood Training Curriculum Package

The Basic Fatherhood Training Curriculum Package is a self-contained training package based on NFPN's Basic Fatherhood Training Curriculum, which is in use nationwide with positive results.

The training package consists of:

  • License to Train Workers
  • Basic Fatherhood Training Curriculum manuals
  • Training script for 4 hours of fatherhood training, including handouts and overheads
  • Video with tips on engaging fathers and interviews with fathers, mother, and children (40 minutes)
  • Guide for setting up training
  • Agency self-assessment survey
  • Assessment tool for father involvement
  • Activities for dads and their children
  • A message for moms, including the benefits of a father's involvement in the child's life
  • Tips for engaging fathers
  • Protective factors for father involvement...and more!

NFPN is not aware of any comparable self-contained training package on fatherhood that is available for human services practitioners.

The training includes:

  • Why fathers are important
  • How to assess whether your agency is father-friendly
  • Barriers to involving fathers
  • Motivating staff to begin involving fathers in their children's lives
  • Learning how to communicate with fathers
  • Acknowledging the mother as gatekeeper and her role in involving the father
  • National fatherhood expert's tips on engaging fathers
  • Case examples with principles of practice
  • Family portrait of an involved father

Comments from Participants Who Have Attended NFPN's Fatherhood Training

"I am more aware of the issues facing fathers and now have the tools to address them. Thank you very much!"

"Fathers are so important. I'm very glad things are being done to promote fathers."

"Encouraged me to want to explore a parenting program focused on fathers, be more aware of perceptions and biases in existing programs, and advocate more for father involvement."


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