Family Assessment–LDC Tool

The Family Assessment–LDC is a basic, low-cost, checklist instrument for use with families in least developed countries.

The purpose of the Family Assessment–LDC is to:

  1. provide a family assessment tool for use by a variety of workers (professional and paraprofessional) serving families in least developed countries.
  2. use standard international definitions to assess the state of family well-being.
  3. identify and prioritize needs of families and services to assist them.
  4. track improvement of family well-being.
  5. assist NGO’s (non-government organizations) to identify unmet needs of families at the community level, develop services to meet these needs, and track improvements at the community level.
  6. provide a source of comprehensive data for international organizations, policy makers, and funders that assist least developed countries.

The tool is in an easy-to-use checklist format that collects data on all family members, including:

  • income,
  • health,
  • education,
  • employment,
  • safety,
  • environment, and
  • a summary of family vulnerability.

Aggregate data on a number of families in a defined geographical location provides a picture of the needs of that community in order to assist NGOs, policy makers, and funders to target services to meet those needs.

The Family Assessment–LDC Tool is a digital download product that includes:

  • License for designated number of workers
  • Assessment Form in Microsoft Word and PDF formats
  • Instructions for using the form and interpreting findings

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