NFPN's Privacy Policy

The National Family Preservation Network is committed to protecting individual privacy to the greatest extent possible. The following is a description of the information we currently collect and how it is used. You may wish to periodically check this policy as it may be revised any time without notice.

What the Web Server Collects

  • The visitor’s Internet protocol address and hostname
  • The date and time of each visit
  • The pages/files that the visitor downloads/views
  • User agent information (i.e.Web browser used, operating system, system language)
  • The Internet address of referral sites
  • Search terms used in a search engine to find website
  • Anonymous cookies generated during previous visits to the site
  • The Web server does not collect the individual’s e-mail address or other personal identifying information

How the Collected Web Server Information Is Used

  • To determine the number of visitors to the site
  • To understand how visitors find and use the site
  • To share aggregate data with NFPN’s board and the general public

How Personal Information Is Obtained

  • When a visitor requests information or assistance and provides an e-mail address and other identifying information
  • When a visitor purchases a product and is asked to complete a form requesting identifying information

How Personal Information Is Used

  • To respond to a request for information or assistance
  • To fill an order for a purchase
  • To share news and information about NFPN’s products and services

What Personal Information Is Shared With Other Organizations

With permission from the individual, NFPN will share identifying information in order to assist a person to receive information or resources from another organization.

Without permission, no personal identifying information on any individual is given or sold to other organizations.

How to be Removed from NFPN’s E-mail List

You may unsubscribe your address from NFPN's e-mail list by e-mailing E-mail newsletters sent out by NFPN also provide a method to remove your name from future mailings.

How to Obtain More Information or a Response to a Question About NFPN’s Privacy Policy

Please contact:

Michelle Reines, Executive Director
National Family Preservation Network

1070-1 Tunnel Road
Suite 10-347

Asheville, NC 28805
888-498-9047 phone (Eastern Time Zone)